MountboardMountboard is used in picture framing to enhance the work, but it also offers protection by being one of the ways to keep the glass from touching the artwork.  The Framing Lot keeps a full range of Arqadia white core and conservation mountboard in stock as part of our bespoke framing service.  Chevron corners are available to assist in the selection of suitable colours.

All mountboard comes in sheet sizes of 44" x 32" with some colours available in jumbo size.  We also keep a range of black core mountboard and can show examples of other finish types such as suedette and linen - we keep some colours in stock and others are available to order.  Mountboard can also be purchased in whole sheets or packs if required for home cutting or mounting.

100% solid cotton rag mountboard suitable for conservation and museum grade framing is also available - there is a more limited selection of colours available in this range due to the production processes involved.

We offer thicker mountboard for deep bevel effects in two different thicknesses.  This can create a wonderful effect, especially if you mix and match the different mountboard thicknesses on one picture.

Although we do get asked for it on occasion, we do not stock standard core mountboard because of the lower quality of this type of board.

A mount can be one layer or multiple layers with different effects created.  The aperture cut into the mount does not have to be a basic rectangle or square.  With our computerised mountcutter there are thousands of options for creating unique and bespoke mounts for your artwork.  Our mountcutter has interchangeable heads which allows us to cut thicker boards; create straight rather than bevel cuts if required on certain pieces and we also have a pen head that allows us to draw lines, shape decorations and even write on mountboard using a variety of colours and pen nib thicknesses.

We no longer stock ready made mounts as we found that people were making do rather than getting exactly what they needed.  Instead we offer a bespoke cutting service for mounts so that you get just what you need - these can be cut while you wait if work levels allow so it is best to ring and check if you need this service.  There is no need to limit yourself to square or rectangle apertures of a standard mass produced stock mount - we can do a wide variety of shapes and decorative borders so please ask for more details.



Glass is no longer just glass and the options available are very varied.  We are always happy to discuss your preferred options and offer solutions to any conservation or aesthetic problems. We now use WaterWhite Clear Float Glass as standard on our bespoke framing.  This has the benefit of clarity for your pictures as the iron content of the glass has been removed.  We have samples in store to show you the difference this glass can make to your framed item.  If price is all important, then we still stock traditional clear float glass for contract work and this is also the glass we use in our stock ranges.

Our range of glass available includes, but is not limited to:

2mm clear float glass

with the option of

WaterWhite Float

or Standard Float

Suitable for budget and standard framing. This offers a completely clear and perfectly flat surface but with no UV protection.  The WaterWhite Float has the benefit of full colour clarity because the green hue caused by the presence of iron in the glass has been removed. 
2mm non-reflective glass Suitable for budget and standard framing. This offers a diffused surface to avoid light reflection but with no UV protection.  It is also the preferred glass to use against needlework for those who want needlework framed that way, although we do not recommend placing the glass directly against your work and are happy to talk through alternatives.
TruVue® Conservation
Clear Glass
Suitable for conservation framing. The best selling UV glass in the world. Offers high level of UV protection (99%) with no significant loss of colour yet handles the same as clear float glass.  Can protect your precious photographs or artwork, without breaking the bank.
Clarity® Reflection Control Suitable for conservation framing. Offers UV protection to 70% which is higher than standard glass but not as good as specialist UV glass, but does allow you to view your work as if no glass is present.  This is considered the best anti reflection glass available.  Ideal in box frames and at a reasonable cost.  Also has the advantage of being a Water White glass.
TruVue® Museum Glass As the name suggests, suitable for museum quality framing. The market leader in this type of glass, used by professionals worldwide.  This is expensive glass but it is considered great value in the right context.  It offers UV protection to the highest level as well a reflection control - the best of both worlds.
Artscreen Acrylic Suitable for standard framing where a lighter weight is needed or where safety is an issue and glass cannot be used.  As clear as float glass but more susceptible to surface damage over time. UV acrylic is available for conservation level framing but this is not an item normally stocked by us.

Other glass types are available including the new ranges from Miroguard and Glass & Mirror such as laminated safety glass and a full range of WaterWhite glass.  We are always happy to go through the glass options with you at time of order to ensure we meet your exact requirements.


Mouldings for Bespoke Picture Framing

The Framing Lot take advantage of the wide range of moulding companies who supply the picture framing trade in the UK.  In addition we also import mouldings direct from manufacturers in Spain.  We keep in stock a huge and varied range of mouldings and chevrons for you to choose from.  In addition, we have catalogues from our suppliers which you can view and we are happy to order in additional free samples for you to look at as colours can vary a great deal from pictures in brochures or on the internet.

We deal with the leading moulding suppliers such as Arqadia, D&J Simons & Sons Ltd, Rennaissance Mouldings, Frinton Mouldings and Frinton Frames, Molduras Enrique Lopez, Mainline Mouldings, Rose & Hollis and Neilsen Bainbridge.  We are happy to try to match up frames you may already have at home, even if it is not a moulding we normally stock.

Our ranges of mouldings in stock are updated throughout the year as new ranges come onto the market.

We also offer a full and extensive range of hand finished mouldings - some from a specialist English moulding company who will make your frame to your exact specification (samples available to view in store) but also finishes created in-house to suit your exact needs.

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