The Fine Art Trade Guild and their framing qualifications and standards

Since 1910 the Fine Art Trade Guild has been setting standards that are recognised by the art and framing industry worldwide.  In 1994 the Guild introduced the Guild Commended Framer qualification, which became a benchmark for framers' skills, ensuring that whenever customers choose a GCF they were assured that their art would be professionally framed to an appropriate standard.  Worldwide there are just over 1200 framers who attained GCF status.

In 2015 the Fine Art Trade Guild retired the old GCF exam and created the new Guild Certified Framer exam, and added Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of the qualification.  This means that framers holding the new qualification must keep up to date with industry knowledge, standards and innovations.  Framers are recertified every 2 years and must gain a minimum of 20 CPD credits every 2 years to retain their qualification.  

Alec and Jo both qualified as GCFs under the original scheme and became Guild Certified Framers (Accredited Professional Framers) in 2016.  In 2017 they also became members of the Professional Picture Framers Associations (PPFA) which is effectively the USA version of the Fine Art Trade Guild.  In 2018 Alec passed his Advanced Accreditation in Conservation Framing and Jo passed both the Advanced Accreditation in Conservation Framing and also the Advanced Accreditation in Textile Framing.

Advanced Accreditation Qualifications

The Fine Art Trade Guild have three Advanced qualifications - Textile Framing, Conservation Framing and Mount Design & Function.  Each one involves a thorough and exacting practical and theory exam and as the name suggests is a more in depth test of the framer's abilities and knowledge on each subject.  Alec has passed the Advanced qualificaiton in Conservation Framing and Jo has passed both the Textile Framing and Conservation Framing exams.  They are both now working towards the Mount Design & Function exam.

Why choose a Guild Certified Framer or Advanced framer?

Guild Certified Framers (GCFs) are qualified framers whose skills have been examined in a rigorous test. 

Guild Certified Framers have been awarded their emblem of excellence by the art and framing industry's trade organisation, the Fine Art Trade Guild. 

Guild Certified Framers commit to supplying goods and services of a consistently high standard.

Guild Certified Framers are mindful of the care and conservation of customer's artwork and can ensure that items remain in optimum condition.

Guild Certified Framers create frames that are structurally sound, blemish-free and show care and attention to detail.

As members of the Fine Art Trade Guild we promise to act fairly and reasonably in accordance with our Code of Ethics.  This means we will:

  • Observe the highest standards of integrity in all transactions
  • Protect the interests of our customers
  • Avoid the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms, descriptions or claims
  • Make every effort to reach an amicable and speedy solution in the event of any problems
  • Maintain adequate insurance protection to suit our business and customers' needs
  • Represent ourselves as a member of the Guild only whilst in membership
  • Maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Guild and its membership
  • Contribute to the advancements of the profession through development and support of Guild standards, the education of fellow members and consumers

As Guild members and GCFs we aim to provide an excellent professional service at all times.

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